DBAG and PMCI Invite Interim Managers to Panel Discussion

PMC International AG and our co-operation partner Deutsche Beteiligungs AG have invited 30 interim managers to their 4th SIM-Circle meeting in Frankfurt on December 3rd, 2015. "SIM-Circle" stands for "Senior Interim Management Circle". It is a joint initiative of the two firms with the purpose to create a platform for the exchange of information between market participants active in interim management.

The meeting started with a panel discussion of Dr. Rolf Scheffels (Board Member of DBAG), Robert Butz (Partner of taskforce - Management on Demand AG) and Dr. Joachim Staude (CEO of PMCI). Moderated by Bernd Sexauer of DBAG various subjects of interim management were covered, debated and followed up on later during dinner. Specific attention was given to the idea intensifying future communication for the sake of all parties involved.

Within PMCI interim management services are provided by the legal entity PMC Interim Management GmbH managed by Tibor Reischitz. One of our USPs to clients is a 48-hour service to identify an interim manager. Thus, 80% to 90% of all client requests result at least in one qualified candidate who is able to render interim management services on short-term. Please contact Tibor Reischitz for further information.