Interim Management

We noticed that permanent and temporary employment relationships are growing together. Therefore, we offer Interim Management as a supplementary service for our clients.

When managers carry out management tasks in companies or organizations on the base of a temporary assignment this is called "Interim Management". Usually, this results in a short-term assignment of several weeks or months. Temporary assignments are often caused by the absence of the permanent job-holder. Depending on competences necessary, interim managers bring in functional expertise like accounting & finance, IT, production, marketing, HR etc. and/or sectoral expertise in automotive, pharmaceuticals, aviation, energy etc. Utilizing an interim manager ensures an in-time solution to bridge bottlenecks in operational management. Our services have been honored several times by leading German economic magazines.



For further information please contact:

Joachim Staude, Managing Director, PMC Interim Management GmbH, +49 6102 5599 0

Ulla Hohmann, Senior Manager, PMC Interim Management GmbH, +49 6102 5599 0

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