HR Diagnostics & Consulting

Finding, retaining and developing the right employees is essential to your business success. Due to the rapid changes in the social framework and new business models, this is even more crucial today.

Suitability diagnostic tools can support your selection process and are also part of our service portfolio. In addition to the personality analysis, we also specifically consider the job-related competence profile. The majority of our consultants are trained in aptitude diagnostics and can support you accordingly. 

Our understanding of personnel consulting includes the assessment of our clients' current personnel situation with regard to personalities, professional competencies, culture and value orientation. Especially in the case of new hires, this makes it easier to assess the suitability of the new job holder for the company and facilitates long-term cooperation.

The right staffing within a company also means recognizing the potential of existing employees and managers and their targeted further development. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive range of services in the area of Human Resources Consulting, which we implement with carefully selected strategic cooperation partners in Germany and abroad. Projects in the conceptual field of HR consulting require customized approaches. This requires targeted project planning and implementation. We work together with our clients' managers and employees to combine internal and external knowledge and thus jointly develop a solution and promote acceptance.

Arne tom Wörden ise available as contact person in the following areas: